What's going on with Fivnex

Hello everyone! My name is Trevor, and starting today, 24 July, 2021, I am officially the owner of Fivnex. Kai, our former CEO/Founder, has decided to continue her work on the Potabi project, without having the overhead of managing this company. Potabi, unfortunately, is no longer an official Fivnex product. I cannot provide any more information about Kai or Potabi at this time.

Unfortunately, we have lost our LLC status, as the legal hurdles in maintaining and transferring the LLC is something nobody wanted to go through.

Our subsidiary Ceccun, has decided to operate independently from us. Again, I cannot provide any information about Ceccun at this time.

With all that being said, I am uncertain as to what the future of Fivnex will hold. There is a lot still to be decided, as well as a lot of things needing to be handled. Any new information or developments will be posted here, or to the Fivnex twitter account.

I wish everyone who left us today the best of luck in their future endeavours. If you have any questions about Fivnex and it's future, you may contact me either at [email protected], through the Fivnex twitter, or through Discord.

- Trevor