A quick overview of Fivnex

Founded in June of 2019, Fivnex has been hard at work bringing top of the line functional software for open-source developers globally. Working on a variety of hardware and software innovations, Fivnex is the place to see true human-built innovation brought to the masses.

Our Products

Fivnex Networks

Helping startups in open-source thrive by giving them better tools, better support for selling merchandise, and even cheaper and/or easiser access to other Fivnex products like Fivnex Computers.

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A web development language that is designed for people to make MASSIVE websites with. MEML is built for developers who are tired of the status quo.

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Fivnex Computers

Fivnex computers designs and sells hardware for operating systems no other major provider accepts. For a small fee of $150 (plus update and monthly fees) any OS developer can have their OS sell with supported hardware.

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Fivnex works with a bunch of other tech startups, some of which we help generally manage, like subsidiaries but still legally independent and able to work with anyone else.


Fivnex is built to build software for people. To inspire creation and innovation. We need kindness and honesty, not bitterness and greed. We firmly believe that our place in the world is to inspire people to do what they are scared of doing, being themselves. Fivnex is more than a software company, it is building community and comradery. The world needs more good, more innovation, and funding to save lives. Imagine a world where the technology to invent the cure for cancer being in the hands of a seven-year-old girl in a rural town, that is the dream Fivnex has.

Fivnex was built on five values. Honesty, innovation, accessibility, kindness, and sharing. Honesty, never hiding the truth, and being public with mistakes. We believe that no matter what we do, we should make as much as we can public. That is why there are few to no NDA agreements for partners and staff. We even share our finances, who it goes to, where we are, and why we do things. Innovation, the act of building to solve a problem. We believe that every project we build has to solve a problem. Fivnex's foundation was a place for our founder, Dakota "Kai" Lyons (or just Kai, preferably), to build projects that were dedicated to solving problems she had. Accessibility, anyone anywhere in the world should have the right to use our software. Unlike other corporations, we don't hide away our software from anyone, whether we disagree with them politically, whether they have a different skin tone, religion, or morality to us. We believe that bans and saying "no don't do that" only works to a certain extent. Even if the worst people use our work, we hope the best of people use our tools against them. Kindness stands for everything because we believe the good we do comes back to us and then we can give more. We are firm believers in the idea of karma. The more good we do, the more we will succeed, and we hope more people follow us in that. Sharing is how our business model works. Everything we build is shared. This means that we get users to please investors, and even if only a small percentage donates, we still gain a lot. This is the same way many freeware apps work, Linux and Unix distributions, all of it works on sharing, and it clearly works for everyone!

Fivnex's Staff

Kai L.


Haze T.

CFO/Creative Advisor

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Fivnex has multiple contact methods, used for different reasons. Including social media, alternatives to said social media, etc.