11 Free And Lightweight PC Video Editing Apps

11 Free And Lightweight PC Video Editing Apps

There are many applications that allow you to edit videos on your PC. However, most available software is available for purchase or payment. Not to mention it’s big enough to make your laptop or computer heavy. I only upload videos for personal use.

Therefore, you need a lightweight and free PC video editing application. At least you don’t need fancy computer specs to run it. So here are our recommendations for video editing software you can completely trust.

1. iMovie is a video editing application.

iMovie is a good application for video editing if you have a macOS computer or an Apple laptop. Indeed, the software is by default and is only available for this operating system.

iMovie is offered as a lightweight and free video editing application. The software allows you to cut, insert songs and add text to your edited videos. Almost all editing requirements are available in this app.

2. Windows Movie Maker video editing application

Therefore, Windows computer users can use Windows Movie Maker editing software. Like iMovie, this application is also the default application for Windows computers.

Windows Movie Maker’s features stand out from its simple appearance, which makes it easy to navigate. This app is still great for beginners to edit videos.

3. DaVinci Solution Video Editing App

DaVinci Resolve can try the following video editing apps. By default, this software is paid for commercial use. However, if you use it for personal use only, you can download this app for free.

For the free version, DaVinci Resolve offers all the features. Since you can grade with this app, you can also edit online. Yes, this software is also available for various computer operating systems, from Windows and Mac to Linux.

4. Mixer video editing app

If you want a lightweight video editing application available for other computer operating systems, Blender may be one of the applications you use. Although this software is actually designed for 3D animation needs.

The function of Blender video editing app is perfect and easy to use. For this reason, beginners and those who are familiar with editing videos can use this software. This application comes with open source software and can be downloaded for free.

5. HitFilm Express Video Editing App

HitFilm Express is an option for those looking for a lightweight video editing application for their PC. Presented in a simple form, this software can be used for video editing with simple compositing.

Moreover, other advantages of HitFilm Express can be seen in its many special effects. In total, you can use about 180 effects to beautify your videos. Easy to use. If you have difficulty using it, please watch the video tutorial.

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6. OpenShot Video Editing App

In addition to Blender, OpenShot is also available as a video editing application with open source software. The interface is very simple. At first glance, I think this program is similar to iMovie. However, I found the included features much more comprehensive.

Due to its simple appearance and comprehensive functionality, OpenShot has often become the mainstream for video editing. Also, the software can be used on other types of computers. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

7. Avidemux video editing app

Avidemux can also be your choice as a basic video editing software. This software is provided free of charge and is also open source. The functionality provided by this application is also very basic. Therefore, it is very suitable for beginners.

Although it has simple and basic features, Avidemux is often used as the mainstream for professional video editing. The results did not disappoint. It seems that in this way Avidemux can be the best program in terms of video editing.

8. Lightworks Video Editing App

You can try Lightworks for another lightweight video editing software option on your PC. The reason is that this application contains complete features for video editing and you can find everything you need in editing software here.

Similar to DaVinci Resolve, you can download this app for free from their website. However, if you need more advanced features and want to use it for professional use, you should buy this software.

9. Edit Video Machete Video Editor Lite app

Machete Video Editor Lite is a video editing software with a very simple interface. Not only that, but it is also very easy to use. It is perfect for people who want to learn video editing.

Featuring simple display and functionality, Machete Video Editor Lite does not require much space on your computer. For this reason, the simplicity of this application is one of its advantages over other programs.

10. Shotcut Video Editing App

Then there is also the Shotcut application which is an open source software. This application also offers not too heavy performance. This way the program does not consume too much memory to run.

The advantage of applications that contain open source software is that you always get updates for the features used. So, Shotcut does not have the old and outdated features. The update also includes 4K video editing.

11. VSDC Free Video Editor

Another free video editing app for PC is VSDC Free Video Editor. The interface is actually a bit more complicated than the other programs on this list, but the functionality is also very satisfying and flawless.

VSDC Free Video Editor also has the advantage of supporting a large number of video file formats. Yes, this lightweight PC video editing software is only available for Windows PCs. Therefore, it is not available on all computers.

So, which PC video editing app do you prefer to use?

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