13 Best Pregnancy Apps For Pregnant Women

13 Best Pregnancy Apps For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women, the technology is more advanced now. We can get a lot of information online. For example, via a smartphone app. 

Helpful apps can really help moms get the information they need, including fetal development. Here are 7 of the best pregnancy apps to explore your pregnancy development, all you need is your smartphone.

best pregnancy apps for pregnant women

1. Count the kicks

The first pregnancy app for pregnant women was Count the Kicks. This application is very useful to know the movements of the fetus in the womb of pregnant women.

You can also see how many times the average kid kicks the boat. So if you don’t get as many kicks in a day as you normally would, you can see your doctor right away. It definitely reduces the chances of something bad happening. This app is available for free for Android and iOS.

2. Pregnancy+

It also has a Pregnancy+ app. This app is available for free for Android and iOS. This application also helps to calculate the fetal kick of the uterus.

You can also learn about the condition of the fetus, movements, height, development of mother’s weight and baby name ideas.

3. Hallobumil

There is also Hallobumil available for free on Android and iOS. The app keeps pregnant women informed with a series of tips and articles tailored to their weeks of pregnancy and helps them use easy-to-understand language.

All available health information is guaranteed because it was created by a team of Hallobumil doctors in collaboration with Klikdokter.com.

In general, like other pregnancy apps, Hanbomil also provides pregnancy monitoring calendar and timely information about the condition one is feeling at that time. So, if you have a pregnancy problem that doesn’t fit your schedule, you’ll know about it early.

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4. Pregnant friend

Friends of Pregnancy app is very suitable for pregnant women to download. Its features include checklists (pregnancy and to-do list format), diaries (personal assistants that send reminders to pregnant women), and fetuses. 360 (function that tells pregnant women how the fetus is developing in the womb).

There is also a maternal and fetal recording function that records data on fetal weight and length, heart rate, and lets you view the development of the fetus graphically. You can also introduce blood pressure and weight gain during pregnancy to monitor your monthly health. Is it perfectly clean?

5. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is also available free for Android and iOS. This app helps maintain health through age-appropriate dietary management of fetuses and pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the health of the mother greatly affects the health of the fetus. So mothers should always be in a good mood.

The app, for example, suggests meals based on maternal age, fetal age, and maternal weight to help users adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can also check your fitness level with this app. Is it perfectly clean?

6.Aqualert: water consumption tracking and Google Fit notifications

Aqualert is a water drink notification app. This application helps you to maintain a good water balance in your body.

Water is also a very important element during pregnancy. Fluid deficiencies can affect the loss of amniotic fluid. So download the Aqualert app with reminders to always drink water seriously.

This application can be used by pregnant women as well as the general public. This application regularly reminds you to drink clean water so that your body and fetus water intake is always sufficient. This app is available for free for Android and iOS.

7. Pregnancy Pilates

Want to stay healthy during pregnancy? You can trust the Prignancy Pilates app as it provides an interactive service that includes a comprehensive guide to health-beneficial Pilates exercises for pregnant women.

Therefore, you can continue exercising during pregnancy and never have to pay expensive studio workouts again. This app is available for free for Android and iOS.

8. Mile Bokobo

We already know by name that BukuBumil is an application created by an Indonesian developer.

This app contains all features. One of them is “Fetal development this week”. This feature includes weekly fetal development guidelines and reminders for each trimester.

With this application, pregnant women can listen to classical music to relax while helping their baby’s brain development.

Some other cool features of BukuBumil are:

Quran: Muslim mothers can activate a mode called “Islamic mode”. It is recommended to read Quranic letters later during pregnancy.

Pregnancy advice: nutritional advice for pregnant women, information and methods of dealing with complaints relating to pregnancy, preparation for birth and a collection of Islamic articles on pregnant women.

Weight calculator: monitor weight gain during pregnancy. Reach your ideal weight during pregnancy.

9. Sprout Pregnancy

This app has many standard features for expectant mothers including information about pregnancy and fetal development.

There are also many other standard features such as a weight monitor, kick counter, contraction timer, and more.

This application has a very interesting feature. Therefore, you can include photos in your timeline. For example, the first ultrasound might include an image of the abdomen at a specific age at home. So if you want to remember your first pregnancy, you can take a second look at this app and see photos from a specific date.

The app also contains reminders, such as a calendar for when to see the doctor and a note where you can enter a list of questions to ask when you see the doctor.

10. Glow Pregnancy

This application also has many interesting features. One of them is that you can monitor the development of the fetus during pregnancy with interesting graphs.

Want to read about pregnancy? The app has over 1500 pregnancy related articles so you will never run out of reading material.

With this application you can get various information about pregnancy. There is also a notification feature which can be used to remind you when you need to go to the doctor and take your medicine.

11- Baby Center pregnancy follow-up

Baby Center is one of the most unique pregnancy apps. Can be used for pregnant women and pregnancy programs.

This pregnancy app helps you learn about fetal development on a daily basis and you can get guidance and explanatory videos for each stage of fetal development so that you don’t get confused with each fetal development. It also contains information and advice on what pregnant women can and cannot eat, proper exercise for pregnant women, and various tips and methods for dealing with pregnancy symptoms.

There is also a discussion forum for expectant mothers where they can share pregnancy stories and advice, help and strengthen each other.

12. HiMommy Pregnancy Tracker

This pregnancy app contains a complete list of all baby gear to prepare before delivery, what to have and what to do, as well as a complete list of things to avoid for a pregnancy. gentle pregnancy that will provide and guide you. .

This pregnancy app allows you to record your weight and body measurements so that everything is recorded correctly and you can maintain safe weight gain and weight loss limits to stay healthy. HiMommy provides daily notifications to know daily fetal status and development.

13.The Bump

This pregnancy app provides 3D illustrations of each stage of baby development to clearly see your baby growing in the womb. There’s also a boat and baby photo feature that organizes all the photos you took while pregnant in an album. Then there is also an online catalog, so you can easily see your baby’s different requirements that need to be prepared before birth.

We also have charts + features to help you prepare for every gynecological visit and authoritative articles that provide helpful pregnancy and childbirth information. There are also baby name recommendations that you can choose in your future baby name.

Below are some of the best pregnancy app recommendations for pregnant women to check their fetal development. How? Would you like to download one?

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