3 Ways To Save Internet Quota When Watching YouTube

3 Ways To Save Internet Quota When Watching YouTube

YouTube offers a wide variety of video content and is a perfect sanctuary for weary, information-seeking people. If you are on a video sharing platform, you can watch it for hours.

The problem is that the more content you enjoy, the more your data quota will be consumed. Luckily, there are easy ways to save your data quota without reducing the number of videos you watch each day.

From changing settings to choosing the right app, there are ways to save your quota when watching YouTube. There is an alternative method of saving coins that you can try!

1. Change video quality

The higher the quality of the videos you watch, the more your mobile data quota will be used. Therefore, you can solve this problem by reducing the video quality directly in the YouTube app on your phone.

It’s easy! First, go to the YouTube app and tap on the account icon in the top right corner. Next, go to the settings page and find the video quality settings or the video quality settings menu.

In the menu, YouTube offers three video quality options: automatic, high, and data saving. If you choose the automatic option, YouTube will display the video quality based on your internet connection speed. The better your connection, the more likely you are to see high-quality videos on YouTube.

On the other hand, the High option displays the best video quality. Therefore, each time you watch it, more of your data quota is used.

To save your quota, select the data saver option that displays the lowest video quality in the 144p to 480p range. If you prefer, you can enable this option only for video quality on mobile networks and keep the automatic option for video quality on Wi-Fi networks.

2. Download videos over Wi-Fi

For a long time, YouTube introduced video download feature in its mobile app. Simply click on the three dots icon next to the title of the video you want to watch and select the “Download Video” option. Then select the desired video quality and click Download.

To access your downloaded videos, tap the Library menu in the lower right corner, then select the Downloads menu. From this page, you can find all the videos ready to download and watch.

This method can effectively save your data quota when it only works in Wi-Fi. So, before using this feature, first go to “Settings” page and then enter into the “Downloads” menu. Make sure the “Download over Wi-Fi only” option is enabled.

Also make sure your Wi-Fi is connected to unlimited or unlimited quota Wi-Fi and do not connect Mi-Fi or connect to other phones with limited data quota.

3. Switch to YouTube Go

Google offers several apps with advanced features for Go on the Play Store. These apps are specially designed for consumers in developing countries like Indonesia, where internet connectivity is still poor in some areas.

For video content professionals, Google offers YouTube Go. Unlike the regular YouTube app, YouTube Go offers a simpler look and feel and functionality that prioritizes saving your quota.

Whenever you select a video you want to watch, you have three video quality options: save data, standard quality, and high quality. Select Data Saver to save your maximum data quota.

You will then also have the option of viewing or downloading the video directly. Videos are available in the Downloads menu in the bottom right corner of the app when you select Download.

Besides saving your quota, you can also save mobile memory with YouTube Go. Once installed, YouTube Go takes up 41.83MB of the phone’s internal repository, while the standard YouTube app takes up 115MB.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about your quota running out quickly even if you watch YouTube for hours.

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