5 Easy Ways To Download Photos From Instagram

5 Easy Ways To Download Photos From Instagram

Downloading Instagram photos is really easy and difficult. It’s difficult because I don’t know how. But doing the actual activity of downloading images from social media is quite easy. I know several ways.

So, how to download photos from Instagram? To find the answer, read the review below.

All you need to do while downloading photos from Instagram is to install some apps. There are Android-based apps, some of which can be opened in a web browser. What about downloads? There is a review here.

1. Download photos from Instagram with Ingramer

The first application available is Ingramer. With this application you can save all the photos you want for Instagram. Not only photos but also videos can be downloaded using this app. Ingramer is available for iPhone, Android phones and directly from the official website.

How to download Instagram photos is also very easy with Ingramer. Just copy the URL of the image link you want, then open this app and copy it. You can also save your favorite photos and videos to your device.

So, is this app safe to use? The answer is yes. As stated on ingramer.com, this application does not collect your data. The download does not exist anonymously or reveal your identity.

2. Download Photos from Instagram with FastSave

You can also download Instagram photos using the FastSave app. No need to worry about the FastSave feature. Because this application has been downloaded by nearly 1 million people around the world. FastSave is one of the best apps for this.

Besides saving images with FastSave, you can also save videos using this application. So, if you are looking for the best apps to download Instagram photos and videos, FastSave might be one of your answers.

Yes, FastSave allows you to download without daily quota limit. So you can download any photo or video freely.

3. Download photos from Instagram with Regrann

Regrann is an Android app that can be used to download Instagram photos and videos. This app is free, but I can’t find the watermark in the download results. So you can make your Instagram photos wallpaper or anything else.

Using Regrann is also very simple. Just grab the desired image link and open it in this app. Regrann will then open with the option to repost or save the image from the link. After that, the image is already on the used device.

4. Download Photos from Instagram with Saver Reloader

Saver Reloader is the next option to download photos from Instagram. This application was actually designed to be reposted on social networks, but this application also allows you to download all the photos and videos you want.

The use of Saver Resher is almost the same as other applications. So it depends on which image link you want. Then copy the link of this app and the image or video is already in your mobile gallery.

For reference, Saver Reloader can also download provided image captions. So this application is very useful for those who need to download everything from Instagram.

5. Download photos from Instagram with Telegram

Well, the following method uses the Telegram Messenger app, so it is quite unique. Messenger app is a messaging app, so don’t use this app to download Instagram photos and videos.

Follow these steps to download photos from Instagram using Telegram.

1. Download and open the Telegram app.

2. Click on the search logo at the top.

3. In the column provided, enter “InstaSave Bot”.

4.You can then choose between two options.

5. You can now select the parent option.

6. This will bring up a chat room with a “Restart” button at the bottom.

7. Click on the text to start downloading Instagram photos and videos.

8. Just copy any image or video links you want from Instagram.

9. When done, you will see a preview of the link that you will copy later.

10. Once you are sure it is correct, just click on the top right corner and look for the “Save to Gallery” menu.

11. If you have it, you can find the downloaded images and videos in your Telegram folder.

We hope that once we tell you how to upload photos to Instagram above, you will no longer be confused and bored. Because all the existing methods are very simple. Most simply copy the link of the photo or video you want.

Do you know how to download photos from Instagram?

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