5 Recommended Mobile Number Tracker Apps For 2022

5 Recommended Mobile Number Tracker Apps For 2022

Do calls from numbers you don’t recognize bother you frequently? Especially when the caller turns out to be a scammer, calling an unknown number is annoying. Here are 5 mobile number tracker apps you can use to avoid scams.

1. TrueCaller, block dark numbers immediately

TrueCaller app is available for Android and iOS users. This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or App Store.

TrueCaller has the ability to track unknown phone numbers by connecting to a worldwide contact database of phone numbers. You don’t even need to download your contacts to your phone via the Internet to use this feature. Know the name of the person who called you without saving the phone number.

If you receive a call from a phone number you don’t know, you can block it immediately so that it doesn’t bother you. Do telemarketers often annoy product telemarketers? Yes, you can block phone numbers from your contact list.

2. GetContact has a very large database.

One of the reliable mobile number tracker apps available is GetContact. You can use the application on Android, iPhone and Huawei mobile phones.

Before using the GetContact app, you will be asked to consent to sharing your contacts database. Yes, the mobile number data for this application is based on a set of user databases. The more users, the bigger the GetContact database. GetContact itself claims that 100 million users are already using the app.

You can search for mysterious phone numbers directly in GetContact. If other GetContact users have this mysterious number, you can find the name of the owner of this mobile number.

Interestingly, we can see which names are stored as #tags. Have fun looking for the mobile number and check the name of the #tag used to store the number.

GetContact itself is already free. However, its use is very limited. The mobile number to search is not the same as the paid version or the paid version number.

To get the most out of GetContact, you need to pay up to IDR 45,000 per month. Search up to 300 mobile numbers for this price, monthly viewing limit limited to 40 tags, use ad-free and see who viewed your tags.

3. HLR Lookup, instant location detection

HLR Lookup app is one of the popular apps for Android users in Indonesia. This app can detect a person’s location through their phone number. The database used contains channel services based on operator networks and area codes such as Telkomsel, Indosat and XL.

To track a caller, enter a phone number or enter a contact from your phone’s contact list. If so, the HLR query performs a location search displayed on the map. You can predict who will call you on this website. Thanks to location detection, you can find your phone even if it is stolen or left unattended while on the move.

4. Extremely Fast and Accurate Phone Number Tracker Pro

Mobile Number Tracker Pro app is available for Android and iOS users. The scope of service of this application can identify phone numbers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and all over the world.

Access identification for this application can provide detailed information in a short time. Know who is calling, what carrier they are using and even the location of the phone number user.

The appearance of this application is designed with a simple and straightforward design. You can also change the text and application colors as needed.

5. Whoscaal, can discover databases all over the world

Huskor is Gogoluk’s most famous app. This application has the advantage of detecting a global database and identifying the caller automatically. This application service is available for Android and iOS users. Unfortunately, since its launch in Taiwan, the app’s service coverage has only expanded to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Brazil.

You can choose the right app to avoid interference from unknown phone numbers.

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