5 Speedometer Apps For Speed Enthusiasts

5 Speedometer Apps For Speed Enthusiasts

Smartphones have many features that can be maximized through various applications designed by developers. You can also use your smartphone as a measurement tool for multimedia entertainment and communication requirements, ranging from distance measurement to temperature measurement.

Speedometer apps or speedometers are widely used by smartphone users especially those who love to explore their speed in cars, motorbikes and even bicycles and racing activities.

Unfortunately, the GPS technology used by these speedometer apps consumes a lot of your smartphone’s battery. So do not forget to import your powerbank. You can use your car charger cable while driving.

1. DigiHUD Speedometer

The DigiHUD itself comes out of a digital head-up display, and this HUD technology allows you to see information on a transparent screen. There are many HUDs for driving, especially automotive, where the information displayed on your smartphone is displayed on a transparent screen that does not block your vision of the road.

The DigiHUD speedometer itself works using the HUD display function. When this feature is enabled, the information on your screen will be mirrored and possibly mirrored on your car’s windshield, so it’s the same HUD that applies to your car. translucent screen. However, this feature is only better at night.

The information the DigiHUD speedometer can display is speed, distance to destination, compass, clock, battery level and number of GPS satellites in use. When the GPS signal from the satellite is amplified, the information is perfectly accurate. But since it uses GPS, it drains the battery faster.

2. GPS speedometer (no ads)

As its name suggests, this application offers the possibility of measuring speed and distance using the GPS of your smartphone.

The added value of this application is the selection of screens that can change the appearance of Ferrari, Camaro, Porsche, Lexus and Lamborghini. This app also provides a HUD screen which can mirror on the windshield.

3. GPS speedometer

The basic functionality is the same as many other free downloadable speedometer apps. There are plenty of cool features to explore, such as usage stats like average and max speed, and you can even save barely traveled paths. Unfortunately, it has ad bar display which is very annoying for some users.

4. HUD speedometer

Speedometer HUD is the easiest app with GPS based speedometer function and the app is accurate enough to measure your driving speed. The interface is also very simple. There is also a digital speedometer display in kilometers per hour and an altimeter. That’s all without exaggeration.

The HUD provided by this app also works well and looks clean and tactful.

5. Ulysses Tachometer

This application offers many additional features. In addition to the basic speedometer and HUD display functions, which are very convenient for drivers, Ulysses also provides an altimeter for altitude measurement.

GPS is always in use so speedometer app makes your phone work harder. Ulysses has a temperature indicator on the speedometer display so you can monitor the health of your smartphone to prevent overheating.

You can now choose according to your display needs whether you prefer a simple screen with basic functions or an application with various functions.

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