5 Steps To Create A Linktree For Instagram

5 Steps To Create A Linktree For Instagram

Do you have a career in content production or are you an entrepreneur looking to spread your wings? The most effective way to do this is to tell a large audience about the content or product you want to promote.

Instagram is currently one of the most effective social media for attracting the attention of “internet users”. There is another method you can use to display your content or products for those who still have less than 10,000 followers and cannot use the swipe up feature in their stories. Instagram profile.

How to create a link tree

Linktree is like any other “home”. Create a “door” for LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, Whatsapp, online stores, podcasts and more. The more content and stores you have, the more links you can put in Linktree! Here are the simple steps to create a Linktree:

1. Create a free/paid account.

First, you need to register with Linktree first. To do this, open Linktr.ee and click the Start Free button. There is no charge just for signing up. Various scheduling options are available after registration. You can use Linktree for free with limited functionality.

Remember to check your Linktree account to confirm your registered email address and use it immediately.

2. Enter the desired link.

Linktree features are available as soon as you register and authenticate your account. Interestingly, you can enter unlimited links even with the free feature!

If necessary, you must enter the name or address of each link for smooth communication from your subscribers. Linktree will not process the link if the address is not included.

3. Rank the created links.

Make sure the link you entered has been created. Click on the link to check the validity of the link. Linktree cannot distinguish which links are correct and which are incorrect.

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4. Adjust the width.

You can change the appearance of your Linktree page even if you are using the free features. You can choose colors, background decorations and include an image or icon for each link.

In fact, the variations are limited and most are available for PRO version subscribers. However, if you are new to the world of content creation and business, you can still use this option because it does not require any capital, but you get very useful features that allow you to interact more with your ” target”. market”.

You can add a big title to this Linktree and attach it to your photo to decorate the appearance of your Linktree account.

5. Linktree link sharing

After creating your Linktree, it’s time to share it with your followers! You can upload it to your social media accounts like Instagram.

How to add Linktree to your Instagram profile

Open your Instagram profile. At the bottom of the photo is various information that can be changed at any time. Ok, I will add Linktree link here.

Go to “Edit Profile”. In the Website column, replace the existing existing links with Linktree links. You can get the Linktree link at the top right of the Linktree page.

Then check your Instagram account profile again and test all your Linktree links. It is very important to do this to ensure that your subscribers can access all the links you provide.

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