6 Recommended Video Stabilization Apps For Android 2021

6 Recommended Video Stabilization Apps For Android 2021

Using an Android video stabilization app is absolutely necessary to improve video recording results on shaky and jerky (HP) phones. This usually happens when your phone’s camera doesn’t have optical image stabilization (OIS), so the video results look shaky.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved using the Video Ballast app. There are also many app options to make shaky videos more stable. Interestingly, using a video stabilization app on Android is also quite simple.

Additionally, smartphone camera technology is now much more sophisticated. Android mobile camera recording results are even more perfect when used with third-party apps such as video stabilizers. Are you interested? Here is a list of apps to try:

1. Google Photos, press a single button.

Google Photos has already adopted the video stabilization feature in a handy way. You can use this feature with Google Photos version 2.13 on Android devices.

If you already have the latest version of the application, please open the video through the application and select the button icon “Stabilize ” at the bottom left. Google Photos will automatically start the installation process from the video. Wait a while and the video quality will be more stable.

2. Deshake, real-time stabilization without waiting

Deshake uses the results of the development of the algorithmic system to analyze the quality of the shaky video. The display screen in the main menu of the application displays the video stabilization interface side by side to display the original video.

Algorithms in this app can handle real-time video stabilization, so you don’t have to wait long. This video app keeps the quality of image resolution, audio, video orientation and FPS of the original video and saves it live.

In general, the stabilized image should have a format to work with and should be in the format of the captured image using the same editing tools.

3. Smoother video stabilizer, Apple’s good competitive app

Video Smoother Stabilizer is a very simple app of its kind. You can save a new video by selecting a video from the gallery or entering the main menu. You can use the settings button to reduce the resolution or quality of the output video. The video results stabilized by this video stabilizer app for Android are saved in standard MP4 format.

The algorithm of this application improves the video point of view change, making the video more stable. Video stabilizer is a still image version of iOS. This feature of the algorithm can be used for some optimal camera motion simulations.

4. Open Camera, an all-in-one feature that allows you to record high quality videos

This application is a complete application package available for Android tablets and smartphones. Not only can you use it for photo editing, but you can also use this app to perform video stabilization.

The video stabilization implemented in this application can reduce the vibrations caused by changes in camera movement when taking photos. You can use this stabilization feature to view or record real-time video.

If there is a video whose image resolution fluctuates due to device restrictions, it is possible to edit it directly on a mobile phone. Thanks to the algorithmic support used in the application, you can press the button to stabilize the video.

5. Quik, sync audio and video for best results

Going through the video editing process probably not only installs the video, but also adds visual and sound effects. You can add them to create amazing video results with just a few clicks.

You can add video transitions and effects in seconds to create beautiful moments and sync everything to the music beats. Moreover, you can add text and music and easily share them with your friends.

6. Microsoft Hyperlapse

Just looking at the name is already a guess. This application is developed by Microsoft to create Hyperlapse videos.

Interestingly, you can also use Microsoft Hyperlapse to create smooth and stabilized videos! Tip, just use the stable mode already included in the app.

There are two methods that can be used to take advantage of stable mode. First, you can import videos from your gallery. This means you can create more stable pre-recorded videos.

The second method allows you to record a video immediately and activate the stabilization mode. As a result, the system reduces current vibrations.

Well, good luck with your Android video variety app. Yes!

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