9 How To Fix Android Can’t Connect To Wi-Fi Issues

How to Fix Android Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi Issues

Android (HP) phone can’t connect to WiFi? There are several methods you can use to identify the problem on your Android device. 

You can try 9 ways to identify the problem and fix the issue of unable to connect to WiFi on Android.

1. Make sure Android WiFi is enabled.

When will my Wi-Fi disconnect? It usually happens by chance, but it happens quite often. Naturally, because you can easily enable Wi-Fi on Android using a widget in the notification panel.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, can be accidentally disabled without the knowledge of the user. To be on the safe side, you can also make sure your Android phone is in airplane mode. Enabling Airplane mode disables Wi-Fi mode and internet connectivity is not available.

2. Verify network usage with a good password.

Did you enter the correct password and select a network connection? You may be connected to the wrong network and experiencing connectivity issues. This can happen when multiple networks are from the same ISP. Also make sure you have entered the correct password in case sensitivity.

The owner of the Wi-Fi router may have updated the password on the device. Therefore, update your router password immediately.

3. Restart your Android phone.

If your Android phone is not turned off or restarted for a long time, the operating system may crash. Every update and website page opens and every time the app is run, Android adds more icons. Therefore, HP collisions can occur when blades are stacked.

So how can these codes be removed? One way is to restart the HP.

Well, that also applies to Wi-Fi. There might be a code that creates a Wi-Fi system when your phone crashes. Therefore, we recommend that you restart your Android phone.

4. Other Wi-Fi or Network Connection Attempts

If you have two Wi-Fi connections at home, try connecting your phone to both networks alternately. If you can connect from one of your Wi-Fi networks, there is a problem with the other network. This is not an Android phone with errors.

If you don’t have two connections at home, go to the mall or somewhere with Wi-Fi. Try going online.

5. Airplane mode on/off

If you take a long time to wait for your mobile to restart, you can turn airplane mode on and off. Turn it on for 30 seconds, then turn it off and try to connect to Wi-Fi. In some cases, mobile signals can block Wi-Fi signals.

To enable this mode, tap Settings > Network & Internet, then enable airplane mode.

6. Restart your router

Android’s router functionality can cause WiFi connectivity issues. To resolve this issue, unplug your router from the power outlet and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. After that, you have to wait a minute or two for your router to restart. After turning on the router, you can reconnect your Android device to your WiFi network.

can you actually do it? Otherwise, do two things:

7. Reconnect to “Forgotten Network”.

how do you configure it? This usually happens when the auto-connect (auto-connect) feature is enabled on a particular WiFi connection. In this case, Android will have to disconnect from Wi-Fi to reconnect.

Settings menu > Wi-Fi > You can select a previously connected Wi-Fi network. A new window will appear on the screen with a “Forgot” button to disconnect the WiFi network. If so, re-enter your Wi-Fi network password and repeat the network connection process.

8. Factory initialization

If the above steps did not fix your Android device’s Wi-Fi connectivity issues, another option is to try a factory reset. This setting removes all bugs on Android that may cause WiFi connectivity issues.

To perform this procedure, the steps are not difficult and can be done quickly. However, factory reset will delete all data (photos, apps, documents) from your Android phone. Therefore, you should back up your data before selecting this listing.

9. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is not full

Wi-Fi routers cannot support an unlimited number of devices. In other words, there are limits. Open your router settings.

Check how many devices are connected to your router. If you have more than one tool, remove or “track” the ones you don’t use.

How to reconnect to WiFi?

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