Here’s A Complete List Of New Features Coming To Windows 11

Here’s a Complete List of New Features Coming to Windows 11

After many rumors and leaks, Microsoft has finally released its latest operating system, Windows 11. The flagship operating system was launched in Indonesia early Friday (June 25, 2021).

These improvements are immediately visible in the user interface (UI). The operating system interface looks cleaner than before.

But it’s not just the looks that have changed. Microsoft has added many new features to Windows 11.

Want to know what awesome features Windows 11 is ready to show you? Read this article!

1. Clean Design

If you have been using Windows 10 for a long time, you will be able to see the changes in the appearance of Windows 11 in no time. Yes, Windows 11 has a more modern and cleaner look than Windows 10.

There is usually a Start button at the bottom left of the screen. Well, in Windows 11 these buttons and many other menus have been moved down to the center of the screen. This is to facilitate access and viewing for users with large or ultra-fast screens.

The edges of the window are also rounded, which makes the transparency effect more pronounced.

2. Built-in Widget

One of the big improvements in Windows 11 is widgets. Hover your mouse on the left side of the screen to find more tools. Its content includes important information such as weather, calendars, stock movements and news.

Microsoft said to have artificial intelligence technology in its gadgets for better results. Interestingly, it’s still customizable. You can also drag the widget to make it full screen.

This feature is very useful for users who want to quickly access information.

3. Microsoft Teams integration

No need to download Microsoft Teams from Windows 11. Because you can already use the application on Windows 11!

Yes, you can easily communicate with others. File sharing is also easy.

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4. Selection of the most diverse layouts

So far Snap Layout is already available. But there are not many options. The options are therefore more diversified in Windows 11.

What is Instant Layout? Most users run and view other applications at the same time. This feature can be made visible by placing multiple windows on the screen.

There is no need to manually adjust the window. The reason is because Snap Layout already has many templates that make it look better in sight. Please click.

5. Windows 11 Android app supports Android apps!

Android apps can then run on Windows 11 without an emulator. Everything is possible in the Amazon Appstore, not in the Microsoft Store.

You can run Android apps on Windows 11 with the “Intel Bridge intel intel bridge ” which helps applications run on x86 systems. This tool from Intel also works well with AMD and ARM processors. So you don’t need an Intel processor to run Android apps on Windows 11.

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6. Auto HDR for gaming

Windows 11 provides automatic HDR features for various games. Thanks to this feature of Windows 11, classic and non-HDR games will have HDR-like color screens and lighting.

Microsoft says it’s ready to support over 1,000 games, including Age of Empire Definitive Edition, Rocket League, Day Z, and Doom 64.

7. Updated tablet mode

Windows 11 claims to provide a better tablet environment. So when you enter tablet mode (for touchscreen laptops) or remove it from the keyboard, the user interface changes to accommodate tablet mode.

Windows 11 also adds gestures for touchscreens, such as swiping the screen with three fingers to minimize windows.

8. Speed up

Microsoft promises to deliver faster speeds with Windows 11. The system wakes up faster with better processing capabilities in the Edge browser with Windows Hello in sleep mode.

These are the eight new features in Windows 11. Interested in updating to the latest operating system?

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