Here’s How Students And Teachers Can Study From Home Using Google Classroom

Here’s How Students And Teachers Can Study From Home Using Google Classroom

In many schools, the 2020/2021 school year started yesterday. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over, so teaching and learning activities should continue to be conducted from home.

Online learning can be easier or more difficult for those unfamiliar with the method. Google Classroom is an online learning tool.

Yes, with all of their apps, Google also offers special features for online learning activities. Of course, one of the great things about Google Classroom is that it integrates with many other Google services like Google Drive, Google Mail, and even YouTube, which is often used as a learning resource.

Not familiar with the Google Classroom app? Rest assured. BukaReview provides guidelines for students and teachers who are using Google Classroom for the first time.

How to use Google Classroom

1. You can download Google Classroom app from App Store for Apple devices and Play Store for Android devices. Using Google Classroom on your mobile device is definitely more convenient and allows you to sync all your data across all your devices.

2. You can also sign in to Google Classroom on your laptop or computer. Visit or download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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3. Go back to your browser and click on the + button at the top right. There are two options later “Join or create a class”. Participation is an option for students, but creating classes is the job of the teacher.

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4. If you are a teacher, you can click Create Classroom and immediately enter data such as class name, department, subject, room, etc. The rest is to follow the instructions and create a class for the students.

5. When the item operation is complete, a chapter symbol appears at the top of the chapter title. Copy and share with your students.

6. The top panel has four basic tabs. Communication streams that act as a Facebook wall, a classroom for learning activities and handing in assignments, people for course participants, notes for homework assessment.

7. If you are a student, you must enter the class code given by your teacher after clicking on “Join class”.

8. After studying, you will usually receive homework from your teacher. Click Assigned Actions. The assignment’s due date is displayed at the top left.

9. Teachers usually submit assignments in Google Docs format. You have to do the homework that the teacher gave you. Once done, click Submit to consolidate the jobs.

10.In the left panel, you can view the collected jobs under the Submitted heading. If you are unsure or want to edit your assignment answers ahead of time, you can click Cancel Submission to review the assignment and edit it before final submission.

11. You can have a private chat with your teacher at the bottom of the tab. You can use it to ask your teacher questions if you are unclear on a particular assignment.

Below is a complete video tutorial on how to use Google Classroom for Beginners.

Google Classroom Tips

There are many tips you should read to use these services more reliably. Here are some of them.

1. Use of real name and photo

Most people use pseudonyms and photos on social media. Do not listen to this kind of practice in the Google classroom. Use your real name and real photo, even if the temptation to use someone else’s nickname or photo is too strong.

Indeed, teachers need to know the students in the classroom, not just in the Google Classroom virtual classroom. Using your real name and photo will help teachers and classmates identify you.

2. Remember to press “Send”.

This can be a problem for those who want it fast. After uploading the assignment to Google Classroom, you need to click on the Submit button. In an emergency, forget to press the button and the work will not be sent to the teacher.

The button functions are really good. So you can convince yourself first before submitting the assignment, and finally the teacher will check it. So don’t forget to press the back button.

3. How not to submit assignments

If you have an assignment that says “Sent”, that means the teacher has given you permission to open the uploaded file, review it, and edit it. However, since I am human, I make the following mistakes. If this happens, do not panic and press the “Do not send” button.

Please correct any assignments that you believe are incorrect immediately and resubmit them as soon as you are finished. Our advice is not to let the file change take too long. Because it’s scary when teachers start reviewing homework and grading it!

4. Don’t steal, they’ll catch you!

In today’s online age, the temptation to copy and paste assignments is great. But our advice is not to! The reason is that Google Classroom has a plagiarism detection feature.

Yes, this feature is not available in the student section. However, the automatic confirmation function is on the side of the teacher.

5. Download the PDF from Cara Google Classroom

You can download the assignments and provided files as PDF files. It turned out to be easy.

The trick is to click “connect program” on the file you are trying to open. Just select Google Docs. After that just open the file, find the file button, find the download and finally select the PDF file.

In addition to PDF files, you can download them in docx, txt and epub formats.

Now you know how to study from home with Google Classroom. Isn’t it easy? I wish you good research!

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