Here’s How To Install Windows 11 On Your PC And Laptop

Here’s How To Install Windows 11 On Your PC And Laptop

The new Windows 11 will be released in October 2021. Interestingly, try an Insider Preview version of Microsoft’s latest operating system already!

Installing Windows 11 is also easy. Still not sure how to install Windows 11 on your PC or laptop? Just follow the steps below!

What is Windows 11 Insider Preview?

Before knowing how to install Windows 11, I recommend first knowing what Windows 11 Insider Preview is.

Windows 11 Insider Preview itself is sometimes called a beta version of the operating system. Therefore, it is normal to see many errors in this version of the operating system.

To use Windows 11 Insider Preview, you must join the Windows Participant program. The operating system is available for free when you join the program. However, you must point out errors and provide feedback as well. The goal is to make Windows 11 as complete as possible when it releases in October.

PC or Laptop Specifications for Windows 11

Unfortunately, not all computers or laptops can run Windows 11. It has minimum specifications to run the latest operating system from Microsoft. Here are the minimum specs to run Windows 11:

CPU (processor): minimum clock frequency of 1 GHz dual-core or higher with 64-bit architecture or system on chip


Storage capacity: 64 GB

TPM: Trusted Platform Module 2.0

Graphics card: DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x

Screen: minimum size of 9 inches or more, resolution of 720p or more.

If you are not sure, there is an easy way to check if your laptop or PC can be updated to Windows 11. One trick is to download and run the PC Health Check app. You can download it from the following link.

Install Cara for Windows 11

The first thing to do before starting the Windows 11 installation process is to backup all important items. Can be found on cloud services or external storage media.

In fact, no data is lost while updating to Windows 11. But one thing to remember is that Windows 11 has entered beta stage with Insider Preview. Sensitive data may be deleted in the event of incorrect procedures or errors. Don’t forget to back up your data first!

Now follow the steps below after backup.

1. To receive the Windows 11 Insider Preview installation files, you must of course join the Windows Participant Program. Participation is very easy. Windows 10 settings can do it too!

To do this, find Settings (from the Start button) > Update & Security > Windows Attendee Program.

Then click Start, then Save to continue.

  • – Select Register, select the option “I have read and accept the terms of this agreement”, then click Submit.
  • If not, click Link Account. Enter your Microsoft account. Microsoft account required. If not, be the first.
  • – After successfully linking your account, you can find some options. So at this point select the developer channel and click OK.
  • – Now restart Tecan.
  • – If you do not want to register in the settings section, you can do so through the official Windows Participant Program website (

2. After successful registration: a.

Buka Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

  • – If registered successfully, you will see the message “Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.51 (co_release)” along with the download status. This means that you have successfully registered and received updates. If not, it means: Since it is not registered yet, you will need to wait for a while and frequently check Update & Security > Windows Update in advance.
  • – After the download is complete, you will be presented with a Windows 11 Insider Preview installation guide. Just follow me.
  • – Don’t panic if your computer or laptop keeps restarting. Because it is an update process.

Welcome to Windows 11!

If you think your operating system still has errors, you can roll back to Windows 10. The secret is to download the Windows 10 version 21H2 ISO file. Download the ISO and run it. Follow the steps on your PC screen to get back to Windows 10.

Until now, this was the way to install Windows 11 on a PC or laptop. Is it readable?

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