Here’s How To See Which Instagram Accounts Your Friends Have Blocked

Here’s how to see which Instagram accounts your friends have blocked

Relationships like friendships, romances, and working relationships don’t always go smoothly. Decorating with noise can make a big difference in your understanding.

In some cases, you are no longer connected to that person in cyberspace because of this conflict! In fact, it’s not uncommon for actual disputes to lead to the banning of social media accounts like Instagram.

In fact, conflicts that arise in the real world can spill over into cyberspace. Moreover, many people today live in these two worlds. People who don’t know you can suddenly know a lot about you just by looking at your social media timeline!

Well, you probably have friends and buddies who follow each other and comment on each other’s uploads. One day, after an argument, I found out that my friend’s Instagram account had disappeared! Hey, is it time to disappear? Is it possible that he blocked your account because he is still angry after the heckling of the time?

How do you know if there really is an “enemy” in cyberspace that you don’t want to have a secret relationship with? You can try some of the following methods!

1. Search using the “Search” function

The first step you can take is to do some research. You can enter the name of the Instagram account whose account is suspected to be blocked. If this account is public and you can still view downloaded content, you are not blocked. However, if you can’t see your uploaded items, your list of followers, or the people you follow, your account may be blocked.

On the other hand, accounts set as private cannot be found anywhere. Also make sure this account is still active and has not been deleted by the owner.

2. Search by browser

You can also view your Instagram account in your browser. First, please check the corresponding account when logging in Instagram. Two scenarios can occur. I can find the account under the conditions described in the first subject (in a private or public situation), I do not see the download or it cannot be found. Accounts everywhere (your account may be banned or your account may be deactivated).

Then log out of your Instagram account and search for the same account again to do a quick test. When you are logged out, conclude that you cannot see your account downloads (if the account is public), see how many downloads, followers, and users follow you while locked, or block your account. please find it

3. Confirm by private message

This method can be used if you message that person through Instagram DM. You can reopen the DM and analyze its contents. If a user blocks their account, their message history may disappear. However, your DM may still exist, but you won’t be able to see the uploaded content or follow them again when you click on their profile.

4. Use another account

Another way to do this is to verify with another account. You can borrow someone else’s account or create a new one. Search using your account and compare results when searching with other accounts. If there is a difference, your account has already been banned.

So, was your account banned by your boyfriend or your best friend? Remember to reconcile quickly so that the relationship can be restored.

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