How To Backup WhatsApp Chats To ICloud

How To Backup WhatsApp Chats To ICloud

Backup WhatsApp chat data on iPhone? iOS users use different cloud backup services than Android. While Android users rely on Google Drive, WhatsApp on iPhone will rely on iCloud for this backup service.

In other words, if you use WhatsApp on iPhone, you cannot transfer data to Android. The same goes the other way.

This is because iCloud data cannot be connected to WhatsApp on Android. Google Drive data also cannot connect to WhatsApp on iOS.

However, we recommend that you make a backup copy to avoid losing your conversations. Still not sure how to backup WhatsApp chat data on iPhone? Please calm down. This article will teach you how to backup WhatsApp chats to iCloud on iPhone.

Create WhatsApp Chat Backup Manually

If you want to back up data on your iPhone manually, you can adjust your phone’s settings according to your needs. When you open WhatsApp, select Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Back Up Now.

If you are using an iPhone, your WhatsApp chat history will not be saved on the designated WhatsApp server. Therefore, if you want to switch devices, you need to use iCloud backup feature to backup and restore your WhatsApp chats.

However, please note that media settings and messages backed up to iCloud are not protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

Yes, your iPhone must be connected to your Apple ID to perform this backup. This will allow you to activate and use your iCloud account. Also, make sure iCloud space is still available. Also change the backup setting to Wi-Fi only to save the data quota.

Note: In addition to WhatsApp, there are 5 chat apps with end-to-end encrypted security.

auto chat backup

WhatsApp chats do not need to be backed up when you replace your iPhone. To be more convenient, you can enable automatic scheduled backups by clicking Auto Backup.

After selecting this menu, you can choose the desired backup cycle and choose daily, weekly or monthly backups. This command will back up your chats and media to your iCloud account.

You can also decide whether or not to save the video for backup. The process of backing up data to iCloud may take some time depending on your internet connection and the size of the backup data.

WhatsApp chat via email

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, you cannot transfer conversations from iCloud backup files to Android. But you can still save conversations in your mailbox! That way, if you need to reread the conversation, you can review it over email.

The method is very simple.

1. Open the personal or group chat you want to save in your mailbox.

2. Tap a contact or group name.

3. Click Export chat.

4. Choose to attach media or send the chat without media.

5. Open your mail application. You can also click Details to view additional lists.

6. Enter your email address and submit.

Simplify data backup and device replacement

Apple has already been widely chosen for its strong capabilities, but are they still using the same tools? They will probably replace Apple’s tools with new ones. Therefore, only Apple ID can save configuration data to iCloud.

Before, of course, you had to create an Apple ID first. It’s not that difficult, just take a few steps to create an account and you can enjoy various convenient services offered by Apple.

After that, if you already have an Apple ID, you can immediately restore the data you saved to your old Apple device when you buy a new Apple device.

The iCloud data backup process runs automatically every time you charge your iPhone or iPad battery. However, this process can be done manually by opening the Settings menu and choosing iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now.

For those who want to buy a new iOS gadget, there is no need to hesitate and worry about data loss and WhatsApp chats. Everything can be backed up via iCloud.

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