How To Use Spreadsheets, Excel In Google Drive

How To Use Spreadsheets, Excel In Google Drive

What can’t you do with a computer connected to the Internet right now? It has many features that you can use to complete your tasks quickly and easily. Using programs and applications on your computer helps you do your business. One of them uses Google Sheets.

You will need to use Google Sheets to do the calculations, which can seem tedious if you are unfamiliar with using Microsoft Excel. So I need the right guide.

1. Create a new Google Sheet

To create a new Excel document in Google Drive, first create a new page called “Spreadsheet”. To create a spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Open in your browser page.

– Make sure you are logged in with your Google account.

– Click on New.

Select Google Spreadsheets.

– Select “Empty worksheet”.

Selecting a list will take you to an online Excel page so you can use Excel to calculate it.

2. Save the document to Google Drive

Once I’ve finished creating a document in Google Drive, how do I save it? This is the simplest feature and of course the main advantage of Google Drive with spreadsheets.

The documents you create are automatically saved. So Google Sheets doesn’t really have an option to save. As soon as you have completed your calculations in your document, you can close the page window.

3. Find Excel documents saved on Drive

When you open Google Drive, all shared documents are displayed on the same page. To make it easier to find, you can find your spreadsheets in Google Drive’s file picker.

In addition to using the file picker, you can also enter the spreadsheet document you are looking for in the search box at the top of the page. Documents appear in the spreadsheet with a green icon.

4. Download the app for cross-device editing

Download the Google Sheets app on your tablet or smartphone to make editing your documents easier. Downloading the app to your mobile device allows you to perform the editing process even without an internet connection.

All these handy features are downloadable and accessible on your device from your Android and iOS devices. As long as you sync and have an internet connection, you can easily access autosaved documents through your computer or gadget.

5. Share documents with other Google users

No time in the office to work with colleagues, groups or work on project deadlines? Leverage spreadsheets with more actionable document sharing features. To share a document, simply copy the link (shareable link) to the document.

You can also manage the access rights granted to those who can access the document. You can define whether other people can access, modify or comment on the document.

Real-time editing is also possible by granting document editing authority. So when you open the document, you can see who is accessing the spreadsheet at the same time. You can also collaborate more easily on documents created using the chat feature.

What spreadsheet features have you tried when using Google Drive?

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