The Essential Windows 10 Apps You Should Install On Your New PC Or Laptop

The essential Windows 10 apps you should install on your new PC or laptop

Newly assembled computers and newly purchased laptops can be used, but they usually lack the basic applications and software that allow them to carry out their entertainment business activities.

Windows usually comes with built-in applications, but it does not include essential applications such as browsers, archive managers, media players, and document processors.

1. Browser: Google Chrome

This recommendation is something any new PC or laptop user will definitely do. For whatever reason, many download Chrome the first day they turn on their new computer or laptop, believing that Windows users cannot use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers.

2. Internet browser: Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Internet browser, is unpopular because it is heavy and consumes a lot of memory. Therefore, these applications are usually deleted immediately after being used to download other browsers.

Interestingly, Microsoft Edge offers much better quality and is one of the best browsers available today. It is easy to use, does not consume much memory and does not consume too much laptop battery.

In addition to this, Microsoft Edge offers various interesting add-ons. One of them is that your browser activates the Dolby Vision function. This feature is not in Google Chrome.

Don’t delete the Microsoft Edge browser!

3. Archive Manager: WinRAR

.rar files are .zip, .7z and other most used compressed archives. You cannot open .rar, .zip, .7z and other compressed archives without archive management software like WinRAR. WinRAR is therefore part of the following list of must-have applications to install on Windows.

4. Online meeting: Zoom

Zoom is one of the most widely used online meeting and distance learning apps during the pandemic. Even after many people have returned to offices and schools, the app is still widely used.

There are many great features such as HD quality audio and video available on various platforms to schedule meetings.

5. Video player: VLC media player

Windows 10 already has a built-in video player app, but we need a third-party video player that provides more functionality. One of the video players we recommend is VLC Media Player, an open-source developed video player software that supports various video formats and subtitles and offers all features for free.

6. Download Manager: Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is the most requested application for those who want to know how to improve the speed of downloading files from the Internet. IDM can increase your download speed up to 5 times with add-ons that facilitate your download activity.

7.VPN: NordVPN

Hide your IP address, location and identity while browsing? You can use VPN apps. One of the best VPN apps available is NordVPN. It is one of the essential programs that must be installed.

NordVPN does not track, collect or share your data. We also do not store any information, IP addresses, traffic or sessions. Internet speeds are also fast, even with VPN enabled.

8. Document processing: WPS Office

Windows 10 users are generally familiar with Microsoft Office document processing package, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

However, Microsoft Office package is not available for free, so we need a free alternative to replace Microsoft Office functionality temporarily. We recommend WPS Office, which offers document processing packages such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx.

9. Audio Entertainment: Spotify Music

Some users can access their Spotify account music collection through the Spotify web player. Inconvenient if you want a smoother Windows 10 experience. Instead of overloading your computer or laptop RAM with a browser with dozens of tabs, use Spotify Music for Windows 10.

Spotify Music for Windows 10 generally offers the standard Spotify features, the main difference being the previous, play/pause and next shortcut buttons accessible through the Windows 10 taskbar.

10. PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

PDF files are very popular these days, especially in e-books/e-journals, because they provide consistency in document format and graphic quality. An application such as Adobe Reader DC is required to open PDF files.

11. Game Booster: Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is a game booster app with the ability to improve your operating system performance when playing games.

Designed for the entire PC component ecosystem, not exclusive to Intel or AMD. Above all, the main advantage of the Razer Cortex as a game booster is to clean the system from cached or stored processing.

Razer Cortex also has the ability to customize system management to run games to increase FPS.

12. Integrasi smartphones: mobile phones

Your Phone is an app created by Microsoft for synergy between Android and Windows 10 PCs. To do this, simply download the Your Phone app from the Google Play Store. If you are already using Windows 10 version 1803 (April 10, 2018 Update), you can already use this feature.

13. Video Compressor app: Video compressor and trimmer

Then an important Windows 10 application is Video Compressor & Trimmer, which as the name suggests has the ability to reduce video size both in resolution and file size. Available for download from the Microsoft Store, the app comes with the latest Metro UI design and is “integrated” into the Windows 10 interface.

14. Cloud-based storage: Google Drive

Almost all users must have a Gmail account. This means you can use Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service. Yes, using a Gmail or Google account is enough and you can access these services for free.

Interestingly, Google Drive is equipped with many applications that can be found on all popular platforms. This allows you to access data stored in cloud storage almost anywhere as long as your device is connected to the internet.

The free capacity is 15 GB. The storage is shared by many Google accounts, such as Gmail and Photos. For example, if you already use 1 GB in Gmail, you still have 14 GB of storage space in Google Drive. You can get more capacity by subscribing.

15. Screenshot: ShareX

Capturing screens and screenshots in Windows 10 is not difficult. You can use the default Snipping Tool application for this need. Unfortunately, its function is very simple.

If you want a more complete free application for screenshots, install ShareX. The application is equipped with various ways to capture the screen, built-in editor, automatic function that can be set after taking a screenshot with the Color tool “Capture”.

Now you can get the most out of your new computer or laptop with the above 12 apps.

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